Elena Mabel Rivero learned her first dancing steps in the city of Rosario, Argentina.

Along with Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Rosario is part of the "Triángulo Rioplatense", the triangle of the River Plate, which is home to a distinctive artistic style.

It is a confluent of African, European, Middle-Eastern, North American and Latin American forms and ideas, an intricate cultural landscape.


  • Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz (Moira Chapman, Buenos Aires)
  • Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation (David Farias, Rosario)
  • Release Technique (Trisha Brown, N.Y.C.) Klein Technique (Susan Klein, N.Y.C.)
  • Choreography (Ana Stekelman, Buenos Aires)
  • Singing (Miriam Cubelos, Rosario)
  • Applied Group Psychology -  IPGA-Ps (Instituto de Psiclología Grupal Aplicado - Jorge Marchetti, Rosario)




Tango Argentino

anfiteatroFestivals and tours

  • 2010 - Tango Taboe Camp - Holland
  • 2008 - 3rd Glasgow Tango Festival
  • 2008 - Phantastango- Germany
  • 2008 - Tango Mango- England
  • 2003 - 1st “Festival de Tango Bettembourg”, Luxembourg
  • 2001 - 3rd “Festival Internacional de Tango”, Bs As, supervised by Miguel Angel Zotto
  • 1998 - Tour through Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands with the “Orquesta Juvenil de Domingo Federico”



Teaching history


Argentine Tango

  • Milonga Roja, Rosario
  • Tanzschule Bebop, Berlin
  • La Milonga Studios, Bremen
  • En lo de Laura, Munich
  • La Calesita, Grupo Viento Norte, Bs As

Jazz workshop (classical and contemporary)

  • Esc. Prov. de Danzas Clásicas Nigelia Soria, Rosario

Body work for actors

  • Esc. Prov. De Teatro, Rosario
  • Teatro El Círculo, Rosario

Tango Salón

  • Victoria Colosio, Rosario
  • Orlando Paiva, Rosario
  • Gustavo Naveira, Bs As
  • Graciela Gonzales, Bs As
  • Mario Bournissen, Bs As

Tango Contemporáneo

  • Sebastián de la Vallina, Rosario
  • Luciana Valle, Bs As
  • Eugenia Parrilla, Bs As