Tango Holidays

The movement of the city combined with work, study and everyday life determine our relationship with our own body. Sometimes it is necessary to make a short change of scenery, to find a suitable calmness or tranquillity, and therefore be able to develop another awareness connected with our body structure. The beauty of nature, in a holiday environment, could be a good way to obtain it!

The format of the classes vary between daily large group lessons, topic workshops and seminars in a very special ambience of work, motivated by the magic of the sun, the mountains, the rivers and the sea.

The “Práctica” is a very important moment inside this process. It is a space where the participants can exercise what they have learnt during the day or go deeper in their own ideas. This is a moment to exchange knowledge with the other dancers as well.

The intensity of the work during six or seven days of training, creating and exploring, allows you to modify old patterns of movement and integrate new technical tools in the dance.

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