Martín Lorenzo


Martin Lorenzo is an Argentine tango dancer of heterodox education.  He had his first contact with Tango dance in 1997 in Rosario, his hometown .  From Beatriz Mendoza and Orlando Paiva , his first teachers, he took  the concepts of elegance and proportion in Tango .

His method of teaching is based on images and technical tools, to help the students to express the Tango music. At the same time, he provides them ideas to explore rhythmic structures and  self-movements.

In 2004 he moves to Buenos Aires. He’s danced with Eladia Córdoba . They have taught tango milonguero as well as they´ve participated in different dance- theatre activities, some of them directed by: Julio Zurita, Moira Castellano and Gonzalo Orihuela.

2007- Bs. As. at Cambalache International Tango Festival, with the dance theater company CETA
           Berlin: Bebop, Roter Salon, Haus der Sinne, with Mabel Rivero
           Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Jena and  Münich, with Amira Cámpora
           Argentine, France, Germany, Greece ,Lithuana, with Eladia Córdoba
2006- Bs As Argentine with Carla Marano and Ana Carla Romera at Spell Café- Puerto Madero-
2005- Bs As Argentine with a dance theather company- Direction: Julio Zurita
1999- Las Ramblas boulevard in Barcelona- Spain, with Camila Garcia Coupe (Public performances)
1998- Rosario-Argentine,Performances for the Tourism secretary of Santa Fe Province

Tango Workshops and International Festivals :
2008 He has been teaching regular courses in Hong Kong
2007 Bs As (Arg), France, Germany, Greece, Lithuana