Gustavo Colmenarejo

MagustangoGustavo Colmenarejo was born in Buenos Aires city.

He came into contact with dancing through the Argentine folklore.  He graduated as superior teacher of Argentine folkloric dance (“El tango” included).  He also performed together with a folkloric company  in theatres of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Cuba.

At the same time, he studied music (violin). The acquisition of this kind of knowledge provided him with valuable influence that results in the great richness of his dancing musicality.

 In 1997 he started his specific study of tango. During the next years, he periodically took classes with recognized tango masters.
Similarly, he studied classic ballet and techniques of contemporary dances. All these contributed to his solid formation as dancer.

He lives in Berlin, Germany, since April 2005, where he continues with his teaching work,  performances, as well as holding workshops of Argentine folklore
Regularly, he works as teacher and dancer in cities of Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatia and the city of Hong Kong.

His personal style, consolidated by traditional trends and enriched by contributions of the so-called “tango nuevo” result in a refined mixture where the musicality, the fluency of movement and the understanding between partners are the personal and unmistakable stamp of this young dancer.

Since 2007, he is working together with Mabel Rivero.