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Elena Mabel Rivero learned her first dancing steps in the city of Rosario, Argentina.

Along with Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Rosario is part of the "Triángulo Rioplatense", the triangle of the River Plate, which is home to a distinctive artistic style.

It is a confluent of African, European, Middle-Eastern, North American and Latin American forms and ideas, an intricate cultural landscape.

Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz (Moira Chapman, Buenos Aires)

Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation (David Farias, Rosario)

Release Technique (Trisha Brown, N.Y.C.) Klein Technique (Susan Klein, N.Y.C.)

Choreography (Ana Stekelman, Buenos Aires)

Singing (Miriam Cubelos, Rosario)

Applied Group Psychology -  IPGA-Ps (Instituto de Psiclología Grupal Aplicado -Jorge Marchetti, Rosario)

Tango Argentino



Abrazo Magustango



Festivals and tours

2010 - Tango Taboe Camp - Holland


2008 - 3rd Glasgow Tango Festival

           Phantastango- Germany

           Tango Mango- England

2003 - 1st “Festival de Tango Bettembourg”, Luxembourg

2001 - 3rd “Festival Internacional de Tango”, Bs As, supervised by Miguel Angel Zotto

1998 - Tour through Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands with the “Orquesta Juvenil de Domingo




The choreography is the writing of the dance, it is the art of composing sequences of movements.   

A choreographer coordinates the requirements of the music, the space, the stage and the aptitudes of the dancers to make something magic arise.
In the past, the place for the choreography was the theatre.

Nowadays it is possible to see a choreography in different events like; anniversaries, presentations of books, samples of art, opening of commerce, street events, conventions, congresses, as well as others.

In her choreographic work she interprets and connects the characteristic of the event, with the necessary resources to transform them into an artistic fact which represents the need of the client or event.

Mabel also offers choreographies in situations where the dance could become a conductive thread, i.e. cinematographic productions, short advertising, videos, etc.

In her hometown and in Bs As, it has been employed at scenic productions for theatre and television.   





1996 Great Galloping, Arg (choreographer)
1996 Al Rojo Vivo, Arg (Choreographer)




1995 Sin Hogar, ARG (dancer)

1994 La Deuda, ARG (dancer)



1997  Dúo, ARG (dancer and Choreographer)
1996  Dos de la Zona, ARG (dancer and choreographer)
1996  Ademanes Secretos, ARG (dancer)
1995  Testigo, ARG (dancer and choreographer)
1995  Minutos de Silencio, ARG (dancer)
1995  Zapada de la Danza Improvisación, ARG, directed by D. Farias



2009  La Chicago Argentina, GER (choreographer)
2008 Fruta Amarga, GER (dancer and choreographer)
2007 Nieblas del Riachuelo, GER (dancer und choreographer)
2006 Vi luz y Subí, GER (dancer and choreographer)
1996 Tango las figuras del tiempo, ARG, directed by Victoria Colosio (dancer)
1996 Tango por mí, ARG (dancer)
1994 Ruda Macho, ARG directed by Victoria Colosio (dancer)

1994 A Victoria de Rosario, ARG, directed by Triuno (dancer)

1994 Sintonías y Encuentros, ARG (dancer and choreographer)


1999 Quietud aún inquieta, ARG (choreographer)
1993 The Max, USA (choreographer)

1992 Dance Horizon, USA, directed by Antolino Alvarez (choreographer)
1992 Latidos, ARG (dancer and choreographer)
1990 Serán Sociedades, ARG (choreographer)
1989 El día despues, ARG (dancer and choreographer)
1988 Dinámicas, ARG (choreographer)
1985 Ayer y Hoy, ARG (dancer)

Teaching history

Argentine Tango


Milonga Roja, Rosario

Tanzschule Bebop, Berlin
La Milonga Studios, Bremen
En lo de Laura, Munich
La Calesita, Grupo Viento Norte, Bs As

Jazz workshop (classical and contemporary)

Esc. Prov. de Danzas Clásicas Nigelia Soria, Rosario


Body work for actors

Esc. Prov. De Teatro, Rosario
Teatro El Círculo, Rosario